Thursday, October 7, 2010

Two Bites Away

years ago when I was hot (as opposed to hot flashing like now) when people would say: oh, what's your diet goal I would say: I want to be two bites away from binging.
Right now I am less than one bite away, and the flim flam curtain separating me from total porcine-isitis is laughably and ironically thin.

Anyway, so many many things are happening that it's hard to concentrate on what I SHOULDN'T be doing...

We are still looking for a new place to site our groovy new summer camp. To this end I attended a freakishly fun "conference" of camp directors yesterday (didn't blog cos I was so exhausted from hiking around the 35 acres of gorgeousness, trying to make new friends in a completely new world, meeting impressively impressive people who really truly un-ironically care about children and delighting them, AND actually throwing a clay pot on a wheel which I haven't done since I was 15 at Camp Usdan) where they served a seriously generous breakfast and lunch (smoked salmon, quarter of a wheat bagel, salad, quarter of a chocolate croissant (sorry) 2 slices of turkey, one small shish of grilled chicken, more salad, one mini hamburger, tons of sushi (which no matter how much I eat has absolutely 0 calories no matter what you say) and (sorry, again) one tiny brownie and one half a chocolate chip cookie) and I realized that there are some jobs in life as well as some level of competence that I can never hold and never achieve.

Today we looked at more sites on the Upper West Side and I saw something I loved (a magical place, really) and one of its attributes is that it's on the 5th floor of a school with no elevator!!
Yay, tighter thighs!!

Happily we got to walk around the magnificent UWS on this magnificent day with the Baby Twins stopping traffic as ususal with their curly blond heads. I really feel blessed every minute with them. With my older boys too, actually--but I am superstitiously petrified to write good things about my poopoopoo children...

Met our slim friend who LOVES to eat but eats s-l-o-w-l-y and enjoys the company much more than the food-- there is definitely a lesson here-- and we went to this yummy shwarma place so including the shwarma-in-a-pita and a side of hummus (which I gave half of to Sruli) today I ate one-half a wheat roll with exactly 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, one half of an Eggo low-fat whole-grain waffle, 2 small slices of meatloaf with exactly 14 potato chips that make a 150 calorie serving like it says on the bag, lettuce doused with tahini from yet another falafel place (it's becoming a fetish, I know) and just now a few squares of 86% dark chocolate with some skim milk. Sruli gets me these DE-licious chocolate bars but other than that shoots me looks when I try to order too much "unnecessary" food at falafel places...

Trouble is, 4 days into this new "life happy plan where eating shouldn't be so important to you, Lisa," I still LOVE eating.

The good news is that even though right now I am not even one nibble away,
4 days into this I am already starting to take two bigger bites out of life. Really.

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  1. Wait just a cotton pickin' gosh darn minute!

    You gave TWO separate lists of food today! Avid Blog Reader confused!