Sunday, October 3, 2010


Well, baby twins are already a year and a half, I'm about to embark on a new "bidness" and I'm starting to make crooked eyes at all those hot-moms-my-age who show up as guests at the Bar Mitzvahs I play and who leave lots of white space on their plates from the buffet.
Oy-- it's time.
My diet nazi from 7 years ago (yes, that's the last time I was giddy with how I looked) was adamant about keeping a food diary-- she was adamant about everything-- and I decided that the best way to ensure compliance with my new caloric reality was to confess all to people I don't even know-- and even more scarily to people I do.
Oy-- it's time.
I am Jewish and I LOVE to eat. I love everything about eating-- the smells, the textures, the preparation, the serving, the parties, the crockery from Jerusalem's Armenian Quarter. I love breakfast, I love lunch and I love dinner. I love cereal I love salad I love pizza I love pasta and I love good multi-grain bread toasted with peanut butter. Plain tart yogurt, frozen, with a zillion toppings. I love Cabernet wine and Kentucky Bourbon and peach schnappes. I love rotisserie chicken. Really good Chopped Liver. Love lamb chops. Hamburgers with sauteed shrooms. Falafel. Grilled Salmon. I love almost every side dish or soup ever invented. I love chocolate desserts and fruit desserts and sesame desserts.
I don't love every single food-- cheese, except on pizza, grosses me out, like I used to say.
But there seems to be a bounty and since I'm the mom and Queen of the Kitchen, since I'm an adult, actually, I can pretty much buy, prepare, and eat whatever I want.
Ok, enough lollygagging-- here's what I ate today:
(Oy, like I can remember...? no, you idiot, this is the whole point!!!)
16 Wheat Thins with at least 3 tablespoons of peanut butter (this really has to stop)
A rotisserie chicken breast and a half with a ton of sauteed spinach and one medium sized baked potato
A lot of watermelon.
Iced coffee with sugar even tho I told the babe at Dunkin Donuts not to put sugar in it
6 inches by 2 inches (that's how it's sold!) of that yummy sesame crunch snack with honey
to eat with the sugary iced coffee
One half chicken breast (a chicken day-- my big boys were home (yay!!) and that's what they wanted) plus 2 helpings of Trader Joe's quinoa and a small amount of corn/lima bean mix plus a few baby carrots dipped in Hummus, oh, and half a wheat roll. Hey, at least it was wheat.
Concord grapes and a few raspberries.
Wow-- I think that's all, but it's a lot. Upon review, we are a bit carb-heavy, aren't we, Lisa?
I DID however, go to the gym and had a pretty good workout with 4o minutes of cardio and about 2o minutes of weights plus situps, etc.
Ok-- I also see that I am NO WAY going to lose any of this disgustingness if I don't have some NORMAL way of measuring and if I don't cut seriously back on these carbs.
Hmmmm. Portion control, what a concept.
Hope the thought of sharing this with all of you begins my happy embarrassment and perchance
my helpful shame: now that I know I'm writin' it all down...
Oy-- it's really time.
Thank you.

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  1. Lisa, you might want to check out Intuitive Eating or Overcoming Overeating or the Diet Survivor's Handbook. More and more people (I mean nutritionists and people in the know) are turning towards mindfulness and away from dieting these days. If you want more info about any of this, feel free to contact me privately. And good luck.