Monday, October 11, 2010


Nothin' like goin' home to Mom's for Dinner.
My family is con
nected by some psychic fiber optics-- I mentioned to my parents that I will drop by with the baby twins-- I show up and my ENTIRE family is there!
What a party--
my fabulous sisters! My fabulous nieces! Chicken Soup! Roast Beef! Breaded Chicken Wings! Tofutti Cuties!
Queens food is the best in the world. Mom's food is the best in the world.
My parents are going to be celebrating their 50th Anniversary, G'W, this December.
It's an incredible modern-day achievement-- I won't get there.
I think the secret to a good marriage, besides the wife being a good cook-- I'm serious--
is that each respects the others' spheres-- and one of the pair is easygoing.
Think around to all the good marriages you know-- right?
There was an article in the Times about this, some years ago.
The happiest marriages are when she says something and he says yes.
The LEAST happy marriages are when he says something and she says yes.
The usual marriages are when everything has to be discussed.
Oy. (I have something to discuss with Sruli when I finish this...)
People, even grown up people, tend to put their parents in hazy boxes--
Dad's a workaholic, Mom's sweet and accommodating...
When they are always together they sort of both add up to one person.
" A Parents."
My big boys are getting to know my ex and me separately-- and it must be weird
for them.
I will say on the record that I have the best divorce of anybody I know-- and probably
the best divorce in NY.
I credit my ex first, then me.
The boys are relaxed and happy, poopoopoo, and they enjoy spending time
with each of us-- I can't even breathe with how grateful I am.
Sruli's ex is a liar and a thief who stole his girls and will not let us see each other at all
and it's been almost 5 years.
(600k can do that, apparently.)
But back to my parents and the family and the food.
I tend to let it all go when I'm there-- my Mom really IS a storybook mom who is
sweet and accommodating and I've always been very close to my Dad so it's kind of like
regressing into that "I am not responsible for myself" childpose,
which is, of course what got me into trouble in the first place.
ButI didn't do too badly, this time, there, in Queens.
My sister noticed that my sweater looked loose.

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