Friday, October 8, 2010

Gonna eat you up!

I can't even tell you how many times I've said this to my little Johnny Xylo-- his round face with those blond angel curls, laughing pink cheeks and the sudden happy flash of white baby teeth, his big big blue blue eyes and his soft belly, strong calves and chunky feet--he is truly something substantial and dinner worthy. (So much for my not wanting to write about the kinderlakh...) Charlie Re, his twin and partner in making us so poopoopoo doubly blessed is much more delicate-- an even bigger mop of darker blond curls but a tiny little girly self that would barely do for a snack...
Ok, I eat her up too.
I don't know where this comes from, but I was PETRIFIED when my Aunt Jenny would come over when I was little and give me "bities." I SWORE then I would never do that to any child and, well, here I am.
Of course the babies love it, as did my older boys and if I did it to your baby he would squeal and love it too.
I just came from a gallery installation of Grimm's Fairy Tales brought to life in little peepshows of horror and I remember reading those Hansel and Gretel stories as well as "A Cavelcade of Witches" when I was about ten-- the only porn I was allowed--and there was lots of eating of little children and it was scary as hell.
Folk tales were created to scare children into being good-- and there is very little ambiguity of character: children=good, strangers/witches(see also stepmothers)/wolves=bad. So don't go into the woods by yourself and talk to that wolf in granny's clothing.
Being eaten up was the absoute worst thing that could happen to you.
Nowadays it isn't.
Nowadays I guess you only eat what you love and you love your children most of all.
Anyway, besides my babies, todayI ate:
One very delicious ginger scone (!) that I absolutely have been feeling yuckily guilty about all day...but it was fresh from the Englewood Farmer's Market from the Amish Country...
And organic...(?)
2 fried eggs in Pam and one small baked and naked potato.
One roll of tuna sushi.
One multigrain bagel from DD with a small shmear of jelly (REALLY didn't need that, Lisa)
I blueberry smoothie-- but medium is the new large and I had a small. (YAY!!!)
1 really nice salad with grilled chicken, some black beans and tomatoes with a very small portion of guac.
2 small squares of dark chocolate with sea salt--OMG is this a find!!!
A friend who hadn't seen me in a few weeks noticed that I looked "better."
Nothing Grim about that.

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