Saturday, October 9, 2010

Meat and Eggplant Stew

Oh the deliciousness of the Farmer's Market! The roughly laid out bounty, the bright colors, those handmade baskets, vegetables that you swear you should eat more of, the wholesome Amish people, the mouth-puckering pickles and tomatoes and apples of every subset of every variety.
And the pies, YUM!
But-- since I know I will have to answer to you and the rest of the Mark Zuckerberg club (just saw "The Social Network"-- wow-- more on that later) I concentrated on the veggies with the one infraction of the ginger scone which I already apologized for last post.
Cube up 3 fresh eggplants-- I used 2 white and 1 purple
Put eggplant in colander, sprinkle with salt all around and let sit for half an hour
Slice an onion and sweat in olive oil on the bottom of a heavy stew pot
Dredge about 3 lbs of cubed chuck steak in flour seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika
Brown the meat in the frying onions
Add a half-cup of water to pot of meat and onions and cover. Cook for half hour.
Add one or two fresh cubed tomatoes to pot and
add eggplant and any other veggies you have:
I added a couple of yellow zucchini and 2 potatoes-- cubed again!
Stir all together grind some fresh pepper over it
and let cook for another half-hour til meat is soft and yummy.
Serve over whole wheat couscous.
I also had a couple of sips of beer.
This morning I ate a whole grain waffle and then
(Dunkin Donuts again!) a multigrain bagel with tuna salad
for lunch. Oh, I did have a few bites of a corn muffin-- VERY BAD.
Dinner was that stew-- and even the men in my family (almost everyone)
ate it all up!
At the movies tonight I ate the equivalent of a medium popcorn-- please
someone tell me that movie popcorn (no extra butter, yich, or anything)
isn't as bad as everyone says... and a handful or two of yogurt raisins.
This movie is takke fascinating-- the coldness and cluelessness of Zuckerberg, Facebook's founder is so bizarrely juxtaposed with this need to be loved and included.
It's such a modern tale-- bracketed by lawsuit after lawsuit. That must be such
a drag for him-- but it doesn't sound like he really has much of a life, frankly.
I spend much too much time trolling Facebook and most of my friends do too--
it has become our way of being friends-- and it is convenient as hell.
And the concept of posting every last thing you do-- and every last
thing you eat-- is a modern tale, too.
Luckily life still has farmer's markets.

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