Thursday, October 14, 2010

My fabulous sisters-- One, a Doctor! The other, a Professor!-- and I are making a 50th anniversary party for our parents. Actually, my parents are insisting on paying for it, which should be some indication of why my sisters turned out so fabulous-- we really got lucky with our Mom and Dad, I gotta tell you.

So-- sin
ce I don't have a real job, and because I do hang out at parties a lot, it is I who have been getting emails all day from Glatt Kosher restaurants all over the city proffering their menus and per person costs, with or without wine.

Israeli heirloom tomatoes with broccolini and roasted pine nuts!
Macadamia chicken with pineapple coconut drizzle!
Duck rillette with red onion marmalade!
Tuna tostada with mango pinwheels!
potato profiteroles!
and my favorite:
Molten chocolate cake (MOLTEN!!!)

Ay yay yay!

Sruli says if I get turned on like this, no diet on earth will hold me.

Last night we ran to go out because Aaron was home to watch the already-sleeping twins.
I was unbelievably hungry--I had just been to the gym--and I know its bad to eat at night
but I ate roast beef and turkey and tons of beans and things at the salad bar.

This morning I had that yucky feeling of needing to eat more because my stomach
was expecting it.

I HATE that feeling and I haven't had it for a whole week.

Today I tried to relax and had some Wheat Thins (less than a serving--BTW Wheat Thins are the best cracker ever invented) with some egg salad-- a small serving of Grape Nuts
(BTW Grape Nuts are the best cereal ever invented) and then a chicken breast
with veggies for dinner.

I did have some dark chocolate--I got this great big bar for 99 cents.
It was worth it just to hear the twins clamor for "shockit."

I don't understand people who don't love food. It's like they don't love life, or have passion, or enjoy things or can ever be truly happy. I don't even trust them.

Really good food, the anticipation of it, the sitting down for it, the first bites of it-- is, to me,
one of the only two great bodily pleasures.

Food is second, BTW, but this is a food blog.

So-- G-d Willing, my sisters and I are going to make a sincerely heartfelt, warm, musical, speechiful and nachasful party for our most wonderful parents, and we are going to have molten chocolate cake, oozing with happiness.

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  1. If it's only the anticipation of the first bites that you like so much, then why not stop after those?